Friday, July 26, 2013

I am at day +32. I am feeling much better, though I am still weak. I'm not good at this weak stuff, but everyone keeps saying that it takes time. I got to leave the hospital July 10. I've done really well, but it is now a waiting game. My numbers were really great last Monday.

Whites: 3.8
Hemoglobin:  9.2
Platelets:  107

I haven't seen those kinds of numbers for at least 8 months.  It makes me smile when I look at them.  I have lost a bit since the hospital.  Let's see, a little weight, my strength, my color, my mind and my hair.  I'm just not so worried about my hair as it is the loss of strength and my mind that worries me daily.  After all there are wigs that could replace my hair, or hats.  How do you replace a mind?

My brother is my hero.  He doesn't like to hear himself referred to in that way.  He laid very still for hours while they removed his blood from one arm, run it through a machine to take out what I needed, then put it back in his other arm.  They did all his blood several times until they had enough of what I needed.  He had to take shots before hand that made his bones hurt terribly.  He went back to his work, which is running a local food pantry, in just a couple of days from the time of the transplant.  Our coordinator said she had not seen someone so eager and joyful about giving. Turned out we were a perfect match which made the whole thing easier for me. Oh yes, he was going to have his poor knees replaced but will have to wait a year now because, he was my donor.  He knew that but I just learned about it lately.