Sunday, September 8, 2013

It's been quite a while since I've felt like writing. I don't think I'd have been very nice.  I was covered in a rash that itched insanely.  After a skin biopsy it was found to be an allergy to one of my meds, one that protects me from getting a type of pneumonia.  I am allergic to all the meds for it, so now I have to go to pulmonary function to breathe in this foul tasting antibiotic that coats my lungs and protects me for a month at a time.  After the rash went away I still itch and my entire body is pealing off.  The bottoms of my feet are nice and soft, but my hands and a few other places are still pealing.  For a while I looked like I had the mange.  On a good note, my hair is coming back in.  It's about a quarter inch long in some places and stands straight up. I'm a little prickly.Otherwise I'm exhausted most days, I shake like crazy and I freeze all the time.  Apparently my system is changing.

I haven't been able to get passionate about anything I did before.  I'm going to try to get interested in my genealogy again. I can hardly remember how to do that.

I am 76 days old now.  On my 100th day I should hit a mile-stone.  I hope I am fully grafted.  I also hope I no longer have to wear the mask when outside.  Looking forward to that!

It's embarrassing but I am very forgetful so I hope this posting is not to bad.  I can check spelling but not grammar or readability. I will apologize now.