Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Platelets and More

Well, Monday was blood day yet again.  The center was busy, as was the lab.  It took awhile to get the results.  I knew my blood count was getting low but thought the platelets were fine.  The result: blood was 7.8 (they only transfuse at 7.5 or below) and platelets were: 4.  Again with the 4!  So my Monday night was spent at the hospital, I lucked out and was put on a different floor, getting yet another bag of platelets.  It wasn't a bad experience this time but, I had stayed accessed after the labs at the Center.  So no one had to do anything except plug me in.  I am tired of it, though.  There is a bruise over my port from Fridays adventure in platelet getting.  I did not bleed very much when they pulled out the access needle, which is a good sign!  Now I hope they stick around this time!

The port is a wonderful thing.  It's called a Power Injectable Port.  It's implanted below my left shoulder.  It's accessed by a needle system that can be left in for a few days or taken out each time.  When I'm getting chemo each day I leave it in.  Between the blood tests I have it out each time unless I have to be transfused.  I seldom even feel the needle going in.  Love it.  No digging around for veins.  The lower your blood count, the smaller your veins are.  Not a pleasant way to pass time.  My lowest hemoglobin count was 4.6 and I fainted in the ER.  (A normal level  for an adult female is 12.0 - 16.5)  Anyway it was very embarrassing!

After a weekend with a killer headache I feel pretty good today.  A little tired.  It's sunny and looks like spring out there.  My first sight at the window this morning was a rabbit out in the grass.  Not a bad beginning to a day.