Monday, March 18, 2013

Cycle 3/Day One

Last Monday, the 11th, my count was 7.6, but my platelets had risen on
their own from 16 to 32!  Count was below comfortable so blood was
ordered and on Wednesday, the 13th, 2 more units over another 5 hour
stay in the infusion center.  It had been 15 days since the last transfusion and I
was so hopeful that my own marrow was finally kicking in making my very own

Today was my appointment to find out if my numbers are improving.  Started out with labs, then a talk with Dr. O.  The count was first, and not a good reading.  Hemoglobin was 7.5, and it has gone that low after getting 2 units just 5 days before.  Platelets are at 18, that is down 14 points.  Then the discussion of numbers with Dr. O.  My numbers have not improved.  I don't know what to feel.  Just kind of numb with a little bit of brain drain.  I'll think about it later.  At any rate, another count on Wednesday, then a trip to the infusion center, probably Friday, and 2 more units.  I am so tired that I am almost looking forward to it.   But it is always a very long 5 hours.....

So, it was my first chemo day of cycle 3.  Just 6 more days to go.
After this cycle I will be going back to Indy for another bone marrow
biopsy.  I even have my appointment set up.  I've had 2 biopsys already and they hurt.  I am not looking  forward to it.