Thursday, March 7, 2013

Cycle 2; Week 2

Last Thursday my count had my hemoglobin at 9.0 and my platelets at .9, so it was transfuse platelets again.  I'm still fighting the cold, though it is better, so I expected this to be another bad week for the numbers.  Monday my hemoglobin was 8.5, platelets were 16.  I don't have to transfuse platelets if they reach over 10, so I was happy.  After a week of such exhaustion I was sure the tests today would be low.  I had already gave a weekend day over to transfusing.
Today's numbers were great!  Hemoglobin was 8.1 and platelets are 26!  My white  cell count stays pretty much around 1 so I don't look at it anymore.  I have increased my platelets without being transfused and the blood drop was minimal! I hope this is good news and I'm on the way up!
Another good thing is being upright more now.  I have not napped as much, though laying down is not napping.... just a 'rest yourself for a minute' kind of thing.  I've made it to the nightly news for a few nights too!  Just no energy to spare.
The wild, colorful dreams continue.  I don't know what that is about or what is causing them.  Perhaps a side-effect?  A very strange one.